U Smile… We Smile…
When we smile together, the world will
smile back

As an extension of Dr. Janushewski & Associates Dental Practice, we’re also located in the charming, turn-of-the-century space, close to downtown Simcoe, within Norfolk County. U SMILE Dental Hygiene Services is truly like coming home. We’ll welcome you with a warm smile, and treat you to a level of service that only the best hand picked team of local Dental Hygiene professionals can provide… With a gentle hand and a kind smile, without pressure.

U Smile is unique because you can choose the services you want, based on your schedule, to suit your budget. Best of all, as a U Smile patient, you will always have priority access to one of Dr. Janushewski & Associates’ Dentists, should your situation require… That’s the big bonus of being under one roof!

We strive to offer tailored services to make our patients happy…

It’s how we give back, because when U Smile, The World Smiles Back!
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